We manage online image reputation for models, celebrities and public figures, protecting their brand by promoting positive content and reducing the impact of negative content from Internet Search Engine results.

We are a “one-stop shop” providing custom, seamless legal and internet campaigns to create positive image and content results for our clients on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


Our search engine optimization team (SEO) is the best in the business.

Internet coders and programmers, focused in fashion and media industries will aim to optimize your brand to the first page of search engine results and images to first few pages of image results pushing down negative content and promoting positive content.

We have a 91% success rate dominating your keyword search for the first page of Google with your positive content.

Internal and External web optimization such as SEO web design and development, revise XML sitemaps, metatags, backlinks, image and ALT tags, article marketing, theme related linking, blogging, image promotion, social bookmarking, press releases, PPC management, copywriting and more.


Our legal team removes negative images and content from the internet with the latest legal takedown procedures for copyright infringement, pay per click (PPC) and defamation.

Our legal department specializes in digital media copyright act (DMCA) notices to infringing Internet service providers (ISPs), webhosts and individuals illegally selling the clients image without consent.

The checks and balances of our systems ensure efficient and affordable legal services with niche knowledge of media and fashion industry related issues.

We specialize in law relevant to the Internet, images to manage the online reputation for clients with a public image.

Our legal team combined, is fluent in 6 languages and is constantly updated with the latest US and International Internet Law. No matter where infringing material is hosted, we can help.


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