Future of SEO

Look good on googleMany websites and online publishers were attacked by Google’s Panda updates and then by some hasty updates from Penguin. Unlike the updates from Panda, the focus of Penguin seemed to be towards offsite (links) and some on-site factors. Generally called as web spam updates, they deal with Google’s practices that are believed to be far away from their quality guidelines.  The future of SEO after updates from Panda and Penguin will depend on how your websites are re framed to suit the situation. The way you do link building for your business website, after Panda and Penguin updates, will matter a lot.

To keep up your business reputation, one will have to avail SEO services from expert online image branding service provider. You will need to implement the changes in your websites and online business portals as per the updates to keep the business reputation alive. Availing online reputation management services to take care of the negative image removal procedures would do the trick for you.  Future of SEO will be bright if companies could manage and cover the manual and algorithm ranking losses. Images and content on the websites will have to be successfully managed and altered as per the new updates and as per changes made to Google Algorithms.


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