Does your Google search result for your name affect your business?

We are asked this all the time and to be honest, the answer is YES!

THINK OF:– how little time a client has to decide who they want to pick as their model, spokesperson, actor for their TV show?

– how much competition is out there? Do your competitors have better images? more images? more positive press?

– how quickly do you judge other people? Don’t think other people are any kinder to you…


– Would I miss out on big campaigns – beauty, fragrance, licensing, fashion client? How much business am I losing from this? How much money have I already lost from not having a great search result.

– Would a catalog client not book me because my google search isn’t great? If they shoot 10-20 days per year, how much lost income is that for you?

– Are you limiting yourself? Current and future careers by not allowing your brand / your image to be the best you can be?

If you are in an image based business, where your reputation can make or break you, you need to think about it.

Not enough people take responsibility for their careers. Protect and Promote yourself NOW and it will benefit you for years to come.

Finally someone cares (sorry agencies!)

We would love to help you help yourself!

Protect your online reputation


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